Inventive know-how

  • MPP – Mini Power Plants agricultural waste fired – designed net electrical capacity range: from 100 kWe up to 1800 kWe with multiply extension possibilities. Worldwide applicable – designed for the “black start” and almost zero water consumption (air cooled).
  • The Cheng Cycle is a gas and steam turbine in one unit. It is patented technology for converting new and existing gas turbine plants to highly efficient & clean power generators that are especially beneficial for the peaking and intermediate load electrical power markets. There is less de-rating of the Cheng Cycle at high temperatures and altitudes, and the Cheng Cycle® offers higher part-load efficiency.
    The Cheng Cycle has a small plant footprint area, produces very low emissions without additional active environmental controls, has fast startup and shutdown times and has demonstrated high reliability and long service life.
    The Cheng Cycle has been introduced in Power Plant for Jonker Fris – Heusden for the first time in The Netherlands.
  • HTCP - Hinged Tube Compensating Piece – Polish invention applicable most efficiently in a district heating pipelines. By using HTCP, investment and exploitation costs of these pipelines can be reduced for about 15-20% in comparison to the traditional thermal expansion compensators.
  • Exclusive in the world - Polish rings – for mass heat exchangers very efficient applications, e.g. boiler feed water systems deaerators patented by HAMSTER’ Consultant Mr. Zbig Worutowicz. The best deaeration achieved, at lowest possible energy consumption. Incomparable better than the others – e.g. spray – system, not only technically but economically, as well.
  • Steam turbines condensers continual cleaning system, increasing turbines thermal efficiency in relation to the common used “ball” cleaning system requiring extra water/ball pumps, filters, etc., what decreases this way steam turbine availability – based on brush cleaners, that keeps pipes as clean as new.
  • Boiler soot blowing system increasing boiler efficiency – based on sound blowers.
  • “Zero Chemical Discharge” Power Station water treatments, including steam turbine cooling water treatment based on ozone treatment, removing all biological life in the cooling water – this know-how application reduces investment and exploitation costs, ad increase plant availability.
    This sort of WTP (Water Treatment Plant), has been introduced in BEC (“Bio Energie Centrale”) – Cuijk for the first time in The Netherlands.