Company HAMSTER International B.V. (Ltd.)  was established in The Netherlands on 20 June, 1990,  and it is registered in Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Statutory aim – being realized in practice - of HAMSTER International B.V. (Ltd.)  activity, since the establishment date, up today are the following operations:


  • Power and water processes engineering projects – and related equipment, advantageous supplies.
  • Heavy machine, food and chemical industry products trading in Europe.
  • Applying and adopting innovative solutions  and modern technologies to Power Stations, Co-generating Plants, Combined Cycle Power Plants and their equipment, technological lines, water and sewer treatment plants and not typical technical problems.
  • Consultancy: technical and economical consultancy works, within the Netherlands and abroad.
  •  Companies agency representation abroad.
  •  Human resource: selection and employment of highly qualified  personnel,  capable to join in during every project stage: starting from feasibility studies, fore design analysis, erection, execution supervision, commissioning and operational personnel training. 


During more than twenty years of HAMSTER’s  activities, a great number of different projects has been realize, with or without co-operation with local companies, – among others in The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Sweden,  The Ukraine, Thailand and South Africa.


Since May 2004, when Poland joined EU (European Union) – HAMSTER assists in business relations development between Dutch and  Polish companies and represent some of them in Poland and in The Netherlands. These HAMSTER’ activities refers among other, to the co-operating companies market expansion and modern technologies transfer. The last one, is significant support for the local markets expansion and better competitiveness.


A good example of the Dutch – Polish co-operation, can be projects in Poland, like boiler house modernization of Brewery Piast  in Wrocław, foredesign for municipal Heat Generating Plant in city Kalisz and Brewery Żywiec – Heineken in city Żywiec.

As a consultant and advisor to the Dutch Authorities, HAMSTER was selected to be the Consultant and Adviser financed by Dutch Authorities, in choosing Bełchatów Power Plant – the biggest lignite fired power plant in Europe – to install there a boiler flue gases  desulphurization  system. 


HAMSTER  successfully intermediated  in sales of modern Dutch agricultural machinery to Polish agricultural companies, as well.